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Tea Souq by Tea Tasters is an online virtual tea market for tea lovers. It aims to bring together Australian tea lovers and build awareness of the tea-riffic world of teas in Australia.

Event Details

It’s time to par-tea like it’s 2019! We welcome all tea lovers to register for the event!

12pm, Friday 30 October 2020 to 12pm, Monday, 2 November 2020

Tea Souq FAQs

Why should tea lovers (attendees) register prior to the event?

Tea lovers who have registered for the event will get to participate and attend the virtual market and receive a unique market promo code that can be used at any of the stallholders’ websites during the market days.

Also, you get first dibs on the items that go on sale!

What is a Souq?

Souq is a traditional Arabic word which means market. Tea Souq = Tea market


Be a virtual stallholder

If you’re interested to be a stallholder, please email us at info@teatasters.com.au

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