In 2021, we have partnered with Hopin to bring you a unique tea event.

Tea Souq by Tea Tasters is an online virtual tea market for tea lovers. It aims to bring together Australian tea drinkers and build awareness of the tea-riffic world of teas in Australia.

In our second year of running the event, we have partnered with Hopin, an online event platform, to bring you a unique, virtual tea experience.

By attending the Tea Souq event, you will be able to attend workshops, meet the people behind your favourite tea businesses and purchase limited edition and discounted products.  

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Tea Souq FAQs

When can I register for the 2021 event?

Registration is FREE and are now open! Register here!

What is Hopin?

To learn more about Hopin, please visit their website.

What is a Souq?

Souq is a traditional Arabic word which means market. Tea Souq = Tea market


Be a virtual stallholder

If you’re interested to be a future stallholder, please email us at info@teatasters.com.au

Event Details

Saturday 13 November and Sunday, 14 November 2021

The event is over & we hope you had a tea-riffic time! See you in 2022!


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