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Available for pick up from South Melbourne or delivery up to 40km.

Tea Souq Special

Free delivery, when you place an order during the market days

Mixed Treats 1.0

Mixed Treats 1.0

A pack of Meisha’s best-selling baked goods in one box. Perfect for gifting to your loved ones or simply if you want to try out.

Each box is $50. 

Mixed Treats 1.0:

Four (4) Chocolate Hazelnut Tarts
Four (4) Lemon Meringue Desserts
Four (4) Orange and Earl Grey Financier
Four (4) Caramel Oat Cookies

Mixed Treats 2.0:

Four (4) The tropique (Coconut Sago, Passionfruit Curd, Passionfruit Jelly and Ginger Crumbs),
Four (4) Chocolate Banana and Hazelnut Tarts,
Four (4) Orange Pistachio and Cardamom Snowballs
Five (5) Green Tea Raspberry Brownies.

Each box is $50.

Mixed Treats 2.0

Mixed Treats 2.0

Chocolate Hazelnut

Chocolate Hazelnut Nutella

Another crowd-favourites and certainly ours, introducing Meisha’s Chocolate Hazelnut and Nutella cake. Moist hazelnut sponge cake filled with crunchy Nutella ganache and wrapped in smooth chocolate buttercream. 
Prices start from $45 for 4inch, 3 layer cakes. Perfect size for 3-6 people.

Red Velvet, Raspberry and Lemon

Our spin of the classic red-velvet with lemon cheesecake filling, fresh raspberries and vanilla. 
Price starts from $45 for 4 inch, 3 layer cakes. Perfect size for 3-6 people.
Red velvet

Pandan Panna cotta Lamingtons

Our rendition of the classic Australian favourites with South East Asian twists. 
Pandan sponge cake soaked in coconut panna cotta and filled with “Gula Jawa” or Palm Sugar cream. 
Price: $50 for 8 squares